Rosar's potatoes

Rosar's potatoes

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Russians use potatoes in huge quantities. The main requirements when choosing a variety for growing are the taste of the root crop, its safety and keeping quality, as well as unpretentious care. One of the popular root vegetables today is the Rosara potato. We will describe the description of the variety with the details of the cultivation in our article. We will find out what it is famous for, and how long it can be stored.


On our counters, there are still long-lived varieties that gardeners have been growing for decades with great success. One of them is the Rosara variety. Despite the fact that new potatoes are gradually replacing some varieties from the past, many, including this one, manage to maintain a leading position. Let's figure out what is the secret of the Rosara potatoes.

When choosing a potato to grow, it is very important to understand what you will be using it for. Today "Rosara" is one of the earliest varieties, and the inhabitants of the Urals are very familiar with it.

This variety belongs to German selection and can be grown both in the middle lane and in the south. Most of all it is loved in the northern regions, as the rate of ripening allows you to get a harvest during a short warm period.

To get acquainted with the details, the characteristics of the Rosara variety are presented below in a special table.



The description of "Rosary"

Ripening rate

Early ripe, from the moment of emergence of the first shoots to technical ripeness 65-75 days

Description of root vegetables

Oval rather large with a reddish skin and yellowish flesh, the starch content is optimal: from 12 to 16%

Disease resistance

To potato crayfish, nematode, scab and late blight, the complex is considered a resistant variety

Growing scheme

Standard (60x35), sowing depth is 8-10 centimeters, grown outdoors

Variety value

Nematode resistance, palatability on a five-point scale is rated at 4+,

Description of the plant

The bush is medium semi-spreading, the corolla of flowers has a shade from red to purple


Very high, ranging from 20 to 30 kilograms per square meter (up to 310 centners per hectare)

Anyone who wants to get a rich harvest should pay attention to the Rosara potatoes.

Advice! Buy seed potatoes of this variety about once every three to four years. This advice is good for other varieties as well, as the crop grown from small tubers after several seasons will begin to grow shallow.

If such qualities as high yield, resistance to diseases and unpretentiousness in the beds are important for the gardener, then it is imperative for the hostess that the potatoes be:

  • large or medium;
  • with small eyes;
  • with excellent taste.

All these properties are inherent in the "Rosara" variety. Potatoes are easy to peel, the starch content in the root crop is optimal. It is strong, dense and tasty at the same time. When boiled, it becomes a little crumbly.

Growing features

As noted above, the Rosara potatoes are early ripe. This is the quality for which it is loved in the northern regions, where the summer is very short. Growing a high-yielding and tasty potato variety in two months is not a myth, but a reality. To do this, you need to purchase seeds of the Rosara variety.

It is best to start the first experiment with a new potato variety with the seed, and not with the potatoes given by the neighbor. This will make it easier to assess its qualities. In steadily warm weather all summer "Rosara" will ripen in 65 days. If you plant roots in May, you can start harvesting in August. This variety is not scary:

  • drought and heat;
  • prolonged absence of the sun;
  • cold snap and excessive humidity;
  • the most dangerous diseases.

The Rosara variety is excellent for growing on an industrial scale.

The soil

In general, potatoes of most varieties are equally picky about the soil. It grows well:

  • on sandy loam soil;
  • on loamy soil.

It is prepared in advance, in the fall. It is important to get rid of weeds and loosen the soil. In the spring, a little humus is introduced, and a tablespoon of ash is added to each hole.

It is best to grow the Rosara potato variety after the following crops:

  • linen;
  • lupine;
  • legumes;
  • perennial and annual herbs;
  • cucumbers;
  • cabbage;
  • winter crops.

This is done so that diseases to which the root crop does not have persistent immunity are not transmitted through the soil. Choose an area that is not shaded.


It is not difficult to take care of potatoes; fertilization is carried out two or three times per season. As a rule, the list of funds includes:

  • phosphate fertilizers;
  • compost;
  • wood ash;
  • potash fertilizers.

You will also have to fight weeds and loosen the soil, if necessary. The only problem with most potato varieties, including Rosary, is the Colorado potato beetle. Sometimes it happens that the beetle does not have time to attack the plant, but during periods when there is a lot of it, the whole family can go out to fight.

This voracious insect is very fond of potatoes. The "Rosara" variety can be pre-treated with insecticides and not be afraid of the appearance of an uninvited guest.

Advice! 10-14 days before harvesting, you will need to trim the tops so that the tubers are finally formed.

Below is an overview of the four varieties of high-yielding potato planting material. Among them there is also "Rosara".


Let's talk about another property of potatoes, which is very important for the gardener - keeping quality. It means persistence with the preservation of root crops and the preservation of their taste and useful properties.

If we talk about early potatoes in general, then they are stored worse than all the others. However, there are varieties such as "Rosara", which are excellently stored when ripe early. Only a few varieties have this quality. The marketability of Rozara is 91-99%, which is a high indicator.

The color of the peel is from pinkish to reddish-pink, the roots themselves are even and strong. One potato weighs 115 grams or so. Store Rozara root vegetables in a cool and well-ventilated area. The harvest is pre-sorted. It should fit into the cellar dry with no signs of rot.

Rosara potatoes are one of the record holders in terms of the amount of the harvested crop. It breaks records in both lack of sunlight and dry weather. So, experts say. But what do the gardeners, who have grown potatoes on their plots with their own hands more than once, think about "Rozar"?

Reviews of gardeners

Let's talk about reviews. They are always important, especially for beginners, because they have the hardest time. Faced with problems or peculiarities of the variety, they are lost, not knowing what to do next.

Valentina Shchenina, 45 years old, Orsk

Once I was offered to grow a variety with the beautiful name "Rosara". The potatoes proved to be surprisingly resistant to our weather conditions. In summer, the night temperature dropped to +2 and lasted for three days. We didn’t even hope for a yield, but Rosara exceeded all expectations. In addition, no unpleasant sweetness appeared on the palate. The potatoes are fine, large, not boiled soft. Seed material is renewed every three years, although it is advised to wait five years. Sometimes it seems to me that it is unprofitable for agricultural firms to trade in such varieties, since they almost do not degenerate, and this affects the number of buyers. Last year I searched for my variety for a long time and did not find it right away. I don’t know what it’s connected with.

Pavel Rybalkin, 53 years old, Kursk

We have allocated a small plot of land of 10 acres for potatoes and have been planting them for seven years in a row. We eat some ourselves, we sell some. For the last three years we have been growing only "Adretta", "Gala" and "Rosara". They keep well and taste like the tastiest. As for the “Rosara” variety, it is unpretentious, the bushes are beautiful and tall. I have never had any problems with growing it. In comparison with him, "Gala" looks a little worse. If you do not want to suffer for a long time, fight against late blight and nematode, then feel free to take seeds in the store.


So, we examined the Rosara potatoes, a description of the variety, photos, reviews should help the reader make his choice correctly. Everyone chooses the potato that suits him perfectly. Residents of the southern regions have the opportunity to grow mid-season varieties, but buying Rosara, they get a unique opportunity to get two harvests at once per season.

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