Carrot Vitamin 6

Carrot Vitamin 6

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Vitaminnaya 6 carrots, according to reviews, are very popular among other types. Gardeners loved her for her taste. "Vitamin 6" is the sweetest and, moreover, unusually rich in carotene, in comparison with similar representatives.


Carrot variety "Vitamin 6" refers to mid-season. The growing season is 75-100 days. Root crops of an oblong cylindrical shape with a slightly blunt tip. The length of a ripe vegetable reaches 17 cm, and its weight is up to 170 grams. The core is small, star-shaped.

Seeds are sown in prepared soil in early spring. Harvesting is carried out at the end of August - September. Root crops are well stored and do not require special conditions for keeping.

In terms of taste, carrots stand out for their unusually sweet taste, high content of carotene and vitamins.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the positive aspects of "Vitamin 6" are:

  • taste qualities;
  • high content of carotene in the pulp;
  • juiciness;
  • long-term storage.

Important! Of the shortcomings, only poor resistance to diseases can be noted, which will require increased attention from you to this variety.

Timely taking the necessary preventive measures will help to avoid the appearance of rot, and treatment with special solutions will prevent damage to the plant by carrot fly larvae.

The Vitamin 6 carrot variety is unpretentious, capable of growing even in a harsh climate. Thanks to this property, root crops can be safely grown even in those places that are considered not the most favorable for crop production.


Sergey Ivanovich, 62 years old, Ural

For many years in a row I have been planting the Vitaminnaya 6 variety on my plot. I'm happy with the result. Considering the difficult conditions for agriculture in the Urals, it should be noted that I had no problems with planting, leaving and ripening carrots of this variety. I sow seeds in May. In the summer, I water and loosen the soil abundantly. In August, you can harvest, but I'm waiting for the first frost so that the carrots accumulate as much nutrients as possible. Root crops are quite large - 13-15 cm. They are stored for a long time.

Marina, 36 years old, Omsk

This year it has completely switched to the Vitaminnaya 6 variety. The characteristics are fully consistent with those stated on the package. Root crops grow large and juicy. The first crop can be harvested in August. The shelf life of this carrot is long.

Irina, 42 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

Planting carrots of the "Vitaminnaya 6" variety has become relatively recent. Immediately fell in love with her rich sweet taste. Root crops grow large and juicy. It is very good to use this variety for making juices. Children enjoy eating it raw. They especially like carrot gruel, when the carrots are grated on a fine grater, and then the resulting mass is lightly sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar.

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