Where and how to grow rice

Rice is one of the most popular foods. Its production is in areas with a hot and humid climate. As a rule, rice is cultivated in tropical countries, but it can also be grown in subtropical countries. China, South America, India, Asia, Indonesia are the main distribution areas. In Asian countries, rice is planted manually. In America, it is sown on the fields directly from the plane. Great benefits lurk in rice husk. Nevertheless, it is cleaned and sent to livestock feed. White rice is used as food for people. In Japan, red rice is considered the best - it acquires a pinkish tint under the influence of bacteria. Such food was consumed by emperors.

Landing Features

Rice belongs to the herbal family. In appearance, it resembles a reed. Landing is peculiar. First, the field is moistened until it turns into dirt. Then you can start sowing. To maintain crop growth, it is necessary to establish a complex network of canals, dams and embankments. It will help maintain soil moisture in the desired state. The soil should be covered with a thin layer of water. In order to facilitate the work, often fields are arranged in the mountains.

When installing terraces in mountainous areas, water passes from one field to another. Watering is done using jugs or a special machine. Donkeys drive the irrigation device. Ready rice is different from what we see in the store, in color. It is brown in color, and not white, because it is covered with husk.

Weeds are usually removed manually. But for this it is necessary to drain the water. Its level is usually regulated by a gate. In order to grow 1 kilogram of rice, about 5 thousand liters of water are required.

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Where rice grows in Russia

Rice can be grown even in Russia. Its cultivation began from the time of Khrushchev. At the moment, rice can be found in the Primorsky Territory, Chechnya, Astrakhan Region, in Dagestan, Rostov Region, Kalmykia. About 80% of the rice is grown in the Kuban. The thing is that here is the longest summer.

Now rice is used as a main course, as a side dish for mushrooms, meat, vegetables and for dessert. Most vitamins remain in unpolished rice. The thing is that it is not processed. Among other things, it has more fiber and minerals than white rice. Due to the fact that the plant contains a large amount of carbohydrates, it is very nutritious. In addition, rice is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, is easily digestible and goes well with a large number of products. Growing a culture on your own is quite difficult.

How to grow rice

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